Career Change to Information Technology

Career Change to Information Technology: If you’re facing the decision to start over and switch to a new career in Tech. it means that you believe that you see a better future for yourself in the Industry. Before you take that plunge, read on for steps you can take to help your transition.

Step 1

Thoroughly evaluate your situation

  • What is your “WHY’ for a career change to IT?
  • Ensure that your plan to switch careers is worth the stress and effort.
  • Do lots of research on your chosen field. Does it have some aspects that you like?

Step 2

Consider the logistics of a career change

How will you get from point A to point B?

  • Look for in-person classes?
  • Take night classes or certifications?
  • How much will your current income be affected?
  • Are you prepared to take a pay cut if you need to return to the entry-level?
  • Do you have transferable skills that might need to just be polished?

Step 3

Build a network in your field of choice

  • Reach out to people who work in the field you’re interested in.
  • Clean up your LinkedIn profile and connect with professionals and recruiters in your field
  • Attend Meet-up group meetings
  • Seek out professionals in your community and attend job fairs
  • Search Job descriptions and tailor your CV for the field you are interested in
  • Get people that are in that career to look at your resume and give you feedback
  • Network!! Network!!
  • Be prepared for Interviews

Step 4

Stay focused and motivated

  • Keep the big picture in mind.
  • Be hungry to learn
  • Volunteer
  • Reach out and introduce yourself to recruiters on LinkedIn
  • Assess yourself after every interview
  • Out of a hundred No(s), you just need one ‘YES’
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