How to be the employee everyone wants to be friends with – Do Your Job and Do It well

Do Your Job and Do It well

How to be the employee everyone wants to be friends with: It’s hard to ignore results. If you do your job and are good at it, you will undoubtedly earn the respect of your colleagues and boss. I’m sure you’d agree with me that it feels good to know that your opinion matters at work.

Smile genuinely

According to an article about “How to tell if someone’s Smile is fake, people can distinguish between fake and real smiles about 60% of the time”.

Fake smiles can back fire if you’re a new manager trying to build a bond with your new team or convince your boss that you’re passionate about your work. They will not just take you seriously.

A genuine smile can make you seem more like-able, attractive, intelligent and even trustworthy

Dress smart

Well-dressed people are generally more confident and are perceived to be well organized. This can be achieved without breaking the bank or sweating over what to wear every morning.

Some tips to keep in mind are:

– Wear clothes that are not too tight

– Know your style and wear what makes you feel comfortable

– Make sure your clothes are clean and ironed if need be

– Wear work appropriate clothes. Tank tops without a jacket on top and T-shirts are a no-no

Be the optimist in every situation

People tend to stay away from pessimists. Always look at the bright side in every situation.

Go out of your way to be helpful to your co-workers

– Say hello to not only your friends at work, but to new faces or co-workers you are not familiar with.

– Smile and hold the door open for Ricky the mail room clerk as he tries to push his letter cart into the reception.


Volunteering will not only help you counteract the effects of stress and anxiety, but will help to boost your confidence and of course give you the opportunity to meet new co-workers and who knows? maybe you’ll get noticed by the boss.

Find someone sitting by themselves in the lunch room, request if you can sit with them and strike up a conversation.

Be consistent

Your co-workers need to know what they can expect from you. You can’t be all smiley and positive on Monday and then grumpy and quarrelsome from Tuesday to Friday. This will make people stay away from you. You want people to smile and look happy to see or chat with you.

And lastly, don’t be afraid to compliment a co-worker in the elevator ride to the 5th floor

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